Sky Hill PRO/light/TYPE Competition 2014

Sky Hill PRO/light/TYPE Competition 2014  is an architecture contest  that aims to provide an opportunity for students to propose innovative solutions on a real theme and  may then to carry them out of the team's splitting up the design and implementation of watching finished product.

Short Story

Sky Hill is a place you don’t easily forget once you visit.
The project, started here in 2005 by the Archaeus Foundation, grows every year and continues in 2014. (see images in the story attachment)
The experiment brings international, acclaimed guests who present their search and research on various topics.
Multidisciplinarity is a mindset and an approach that is proving to have great potential. Thus, in all these years the Foundation has invited for the workshops or presentations: architects, artists, landscape architects, designers, musicians, photographers, fashion designers, psychologists, physicians, physicists, artists, directors and film makers ..... and, not to say the least, craftsmen who have brought to us forgotten or little used techniques. Everything for excellence
Beyond this educational endeavor, in 2011 was founded a library where all participants have access, added to the joy of cooking local products in the oven made entirely from clay, in 2012.
More than 60 guests and over 240 students have enjoyed all these years the opportunities offered by the Foundation.

For it’s next activity, the Foundation is considering collaborations with young designers who will be invited, from Romania or abroad, to future editions (see Archaeus Foundation on facebook), another "subproject" being the one related to the completion of a mini sports base - crossbike, tennis (Sky Hill Open), kite-ing (camp kites in May) .. etc..
For this we need new spaces ...... let’s “cut” them in a smart way…


Leaving the stables in the area (summer houses made especially for migrating villagers with animals) began after 1995 and is continuing at an accelerated rate. It seems that it has stabilized due to the crisis. However, at the end of a world in which every village has its own traditions, sometimes their own language (see Ravenska), but there is the potential that could be "mobilized", in terms of inheritance (valley mills from Rudăria, local traditions) and of natural perspective (Nera Reserve Minis canion ... or rare species of butterflies .. etc) and even human ones.
Local crafts are still kept by the people’s knowledge  of working the/ with the earth (most fruits being natural fertilized)..and their joy to work.

Close to the wood fence enclosure access (see proposal plan situation) from Sky Hill is intended to be a tennis court and a work and storage space of about 35 square meters (+ / - 10%, divided or not, built in stages, depending on the budget) done as much as possible in modular steel or wood framing, in a maximum budget of 2,800 euros (tennis court  not included in budget but will be placed in line with the proposed new object).

The workspace for prototypes is to be closed, secure (especially in   winter) and has to include:
- Workshop space for modelling and prototype objects of wood, metal .... plus desk, drawers .... approx. 20 sqm
- Bicycle storage area (8-10 pieces) and sports equipment (inflatable boats, tennis rackets, flying fox,  harnesses, helmets ... etc) 5 sqm,
- Storage space for working tools, mowers, protective equipment, paints, brushes ... etc, approx. 10 sqm (minimum 3 m width)
- space for drying plants, organizing work (can be thought outside the covered terrace ... is required to be shaded)

All these can be thought of in a single space, two or more different spaces (one must be more than 9 square meters, a minimum width of 3 m, for large mowers and trailer unimpeded access) obviously architectural and spacial linked (patio covered outdoor space ...) in a quality composition.
The space between the 2 possible objects , that can be covered (protected from rain) will be used as a terrace where we can dry plants, meeting or working outdoor space... etc.. For the first step, in 2014 50% of the budget amount will be available.

Foundations - non invasive systems - KRINNER or similar types,
Structure - preferably metal (alternatively wood without affecting the budget ...) metal structure estimated price -1.1 euro / kg painted and welded wood 140 euro / mc.
Modular - It is recommended that the used items to be modulated ( in order to be covered by the budget) and have high speed execution , possibility for car transportation ( medium size) and reversible (reusable)
Closures - materials that can withstand weather have to fit into the landscape, to resist the attempts of vandalism,
Light - will seek solutions for natural lighting of spaces especially in work areas
Integration - the solution will follow a natural space / landscape integration.
The competition is open to all students provided that a minimum of 1 student/ team is studying architecture and a maximum of 4 members.
Teams formed by college freshmen until 6th year can be supervised by a teacher (recommended, not required) and can invite (recommended) on the team, landscape artists, structural engineers ... etc..
The defining element to be considered is related to the budget and building stages while this budget is a maximum of 1,400 euro for the summer of 2014 (taking into account that the structure and materials transport is approx. 200 euro and the object performed must be completed for next winter storage).

Sat    March 29  - Competition on line launch
Sat    April 12  - Answers to questions
Mon  May 5 24:00  - Deadline registration
Mon  May 12 24:00  - Teaching work
Fri     May 16  - Judging
Fri     May 19  - Announcement of winners


Maximum 3xA1, horizontal (see standard format attached)

- location plan 1_250 (1-500) with the location of the final arrangement (there are in the documentation plan .dwg situation and a surveying of the enclosure) and tennis court (to be arranged in a later stage)
- plans (ground and cover) 1_33 sections with stratifications proposed
 - two views, the most suggestive shadows 1_50
 - exploded axonometriy that will emphasize the structure and closures,
 mounting scheme and phasing of the work finished
 - text presentation in Romanian and / (only) in English consisting of a maximum of 1,200 marks, (paginated as in panel layout)
- (minimum) a perspective photo contest and attached documentation (minimum), an interior light in the workspace,
 - any other material necessary for understanding the solution, models, photographs, drawings, concept, detail bay ... etc.


Codruţa Negrulescu,  Faculty of Architecture Timisoara
Vanja Ilic, Faculty of Architecture Split
Ştefan Ghenciulescu ,  Ion Mincu  University and Zeppelin
Marius  Moga  ,  Faculty of Architecture Cluj
Juri Troy   ,  University of Wien
Cornel Farcaş  , Faculty of Architecture Timisoara
Marius Miclăuş  ,  Archaeus Foundation

Awards *

1st prize - degree of excellence and 200 euros,
Integrating in object execution team in the summer of 2014,
Presentation on the Archaeus Foundation's website and blog,
Invited guests  at Sky Hill Camp, 14 to 27 July 2014
Publication of the project in the Zeppelin journal and Arhiforum

2nd and 3rd prize - degree of excellence,
Awards in books,
Presentation on the Archaeus Foundation's website and blog
Zeppelin magazine publishing projects and Arhiforum

Criteria for assessment

- Establish a landscape integrated architectural object / material,
- Optimization them, minimum means-maximum effect in a just report  considering the space - operation - light - budget .
- Creativity in achieving its structure and assembly,
- Interpretation - the spirit of the place.

More technical ...

1.Promoter for the competition is Archaeus Foundation / Romania.
2.The secretariat is provided by the specialized department of the Foundation, based in Timisoara, Str. Cosminului no. 3, postal code 300 586, tel. / Fax: 0256288549.
e-mail:, / foundation,
3 Communication with competitors will be exclusively in writing to the email address - or facebook / Archaeus Foundation. All answers will be summarized in a paper that will be uploaded on the blog or / and on the Foundation's website.
The up-load will be available on site or blog minim10 days before the deadline for submission. After completing the competition the secretariat will publish gallery projects.
4. Signing up is free and has to be completed between March 29 and 5 May 2014 by sending by mail an A4 format - pdf that will  include: team name, team members first and last name, e-mail address correspondence, telephone ... etc.. Once registered, the team will receive materials annex for work email.
4. Questions raised by competitors will respect the deadline for this and will be only in writing. They will be made in Romanian and English. Answers will be posted on the website or facebook. The final list of answers will be available on the blog and / or website Foundation on 12 April 2014, after this date there will be no responding to questions.
6. Submitting the project will be online in a blog app / site or directly to the email address above, compulsory until 24.oo at the date of May 12. Important - name format in which will be found 4 folders JPG 300 DPI, 75 DPI JPG, PDF and credits. In the first three will be posting sketches A1 horizontal formats at listed resolutions  the credits directory will consist of 3 documents - A4 format with Times new roman 11, Project title / author (s) / team work / all contact details. (Credite.doc) CVs of the team members in the same format (CV proiect.doc name) and total and phase I budget estimated in  euro (budget proiect.doc name).
Exhibits will NOT include distinctive names of the authors.
Each team will receive a code that will be placed on electronic boards, the Secretariat will reveal the code after the vote and the jury's decision.
7. Appeals. Evaluation jury can not be appealed, is final and irrevocable.
8. Intellectual Property. Use of images and / or text in the speech of the project concept and more than quoting, will be in compliance with the copyright holders. The Promoter will not be responsible for any possible attempts of plagiarism, no use without permission or graphic materials by competitors.
Archaeus Foundation is the beneficiary and the winning contractor. The winning team will assign the exclusive rights to implementing the project work and the use of images, photos, movies, etc.. for promotional purposes. Moral rights and authorship remain to the winning team and the promoter undertakes to mention the authors' names in all promotional materials.
9. Winner’s Obligations
The winners will be part of the design team and the final object tracking execution. Their unjustified refusal for completing the mission undertaken by this competition regulation, entitles Archaeus Foundation to withdraw the "moral" prize and offer the next ranked team in the competition  all the options first enrolled.
10. Final dispozition. Submitting the project is an “a priori” acceptance of these terms without any other agreement or document between the parties.

March 27, 2014 - Foundation Archaeus

• * The amounts due to the above awards are taxed under the Tax Code in force.
• The Foundation has the right to supplement the prizes to the participants.
• Images are ©,,,,
• Credits Photo - Andrei Margulescu arch, arch Ovidiu Micsa, st. architect Dan Puric, st. Andi Buftea architect, architect Marius Miclaus

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