Concursul Anual al Studenților Arhitecți - C|A|S|A 2011 - proiectele finaliste


  • Elena Carlini - co-fondator Carlini & Valle Architetti, profesor la Facultatea de Arhitectură a Universităţii din Siracusa
  • Boris Fiolić - co-fondator BIF Studio, membru în Colegiului Director al Camerei Arhitecţilor din Croaţia
  • Adrian Soare - co-fondator SYAA, vicepreşedinte Ordinul Arhitecţilor din România
  • Jordi Querol Piera - reprezentantul Colegiului Spaniol al Arhitecţilor in Consiliul European al Arhitecţilor
  • Gabriel Roşca - arhitect COOPLAN, preşedinte Ordinul Arhitecţilor din România filiala Sibiu-Vâlcea

Premiul 1 - Claudia Tecuceanu

"The jury has selected the winning project for its urban quality as well as its architectural complexity. The student reaveals a clear understanding of the issues at stake in the competition, the work presents the urban analysis of the site and the project architectural intentions in a very objective and thoughtful way.

The written statement along with the drawings and the model witness coherence between stated intentions and the architectural outcome presented in the competition board.

The electric tower present on the site has been given a new public role becoming the threshold between the city and a new proposed underground public library.

The project also organizes two separate dwellings on multiple levels creating an interesting vertical section that subtly articulates the building mass.

The proposed new urban block is dialoguing with the neighbouring blank wall sometimes touching it, others stepping back to create outdoor living areas thus allowing the inhabitants of the units to look across the site towards the old fortification wall and the surrounding city fabric. The building volume is orchestrated using a contemporary language that establishes a clear relationship with the context.”

Premiul 2 - Ioana Suceava

“The jury appreciated the idea of creating attractive public spaces that are interestingly related to the city, both intra and extra-muros and, implicitly, to the presence of the defense wall.

The envisaged cultural and social activities allow for the creation of a point of attraction and cohesion for the community and for out-of-the-ordinary events for the passers by.

The three dimensional volume imagined enters into dialogue with the volume of the tower, defining a coherent whole using contemporary esthetics. The tower itself becomes a valuable item and a landmark for the area.

A sensitive project, centered on social involvement and emotional impact, which brings into the context a necessary dose of optimism.”

Premiul 3 - Dorin Andrei Mina

“Very conceptual project. Clear vision of the way how to interrupt the old town structure with a completely new element. The street wall exists as an element of communication with the old structure. The material is not the priority.

On the other hand, the plans are quite plain if you do not consider the conceptual quality of the building.

Opposed to other proposals, this project does not relate to the public space in an ordinary way of thinking: disorder becomes order, platonic of course. “

Mentiune - Szabó Péter Róbert

“The jury appreciated this project, as it suggests much more than an image: it is supported by a coherent theoretical discourse regarding functions, space, materials in use and involvement in the urban reconstruction, for which it can become a reference.

The architecture takes on characteristics from the fabric around it: the almost total coverage of the plot, the street front, the subtly underlined cornice, the slope of the roof.

The interior offers attractive spaces and an interesting relation to the outside, while the space divisions are flexible due to the clear structure.

A mature, pragmatic project that succeeds in creating a piece of contemporary architecture that subtly intertwines itself with the existing tissue and with the history of the old town.”

Mentiune - Iulian Alexandru Bindar

“The project aims to co-ordinate with cleverness the existing elements on the site - both the neighbouring buildings and electricity tower, and it has a good understanding of the character of the historic city: compact living (3 appartments) and participation to the public space of the street.

The project is well structured, from concept and organisation of the living units to the presentation itself.

The ground floor layout has a good intuition of logic and hierarchy: the junction of the two streets bordering the plot is dedicated to the public space whereas the parking areas and private access to the living units are positioned towards the blind walls of the neighbouring buildings, further away from the "public" opening of the road junction.

The appartments are well organised and the entire building can be easily imagined as a contemporary good quality living alternative to the traditional living in the historic city of Sibiu. As a whole, the building is plausible and possible.”

Mentiune - Alexandru Ionut Tanase

"The jury gives a mention for the project's diverse approach to the design competition. The student has created a personal world that incorporates poetry, illustration, architecture and human life.

The solitary figure and living quarter present a living environment that might exist hidden in the city underground. It is a project that with imagination constructs a personal dwelling realm."

student la uauim
6 Dec 2011 - 06:37 pm

premiul 1 nu are structura. cum stau zidurile alea de la etaj cand subsolul e gol?????